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(Wednesday, March 18, 2015) – Atlanta, Georgia – With the help of social media, doctors are becoming a new variety of media stars and best-selling authors. Residents and visitors alike can see Dr Oz’s image plastered around New York City’s buses and subways. There is a medical revolution in this country and Dr. Kela Henry joined that revolution a year ago when OBAMACARE made history and became the first government subsidized option for United States citizens to acquire and maintain health insurance.

Dr. Henry asked a very simple question to any and all who needed the answer, ”What Can I Do to Help You Better Understand the Affordable Health Care Act?” One big reason she decided to step out into the health media arena was due to her own frustrations with running her practice in the Atlanta, Georgia’s metro area. More and more of her time was spent on the phone with insurance companies and working with her medical assistants on piles of paper work and administrative tasks. She was finding herself with less and less time for appointments with her patients. Dr. Henry remembers, “As a young girl I was naturally motivated to help others and finding ways to make them “feel’ better. I could not wait to begin practicing medicine after I finished my training. Once that occurred and as I built my practice, I realized all the red-tape and bureaucracy that was involved with being a doctor.

Our profession needed a change and with the growth of the internet and social media, patients are now able to express their needs and experiences and they have more choices. There are many resources at their finger tips to help them make educated decisions about their family’s heath.  Doctors know how important it is to have a close connection with their patients and there is less of a “blind trust” as doctors and patients both need each other to survive.”
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Dr. Kela Henry Asks “What Can I Do to Help You to Understand

The Affordable Health Care Act?”

(Tuesday, June 17, 2014) – Atlanta, Georgia’s Dr. Kela Henry is on a mission to explain what she calls “The Chain of Responsibility” so consumers can understand their part in the success of the Affordable Health Care Act. From patients, to doctors, insurers, pharmaceutical companies to hospitals, Dr. Henry believes the success of the ACA must be a joint effort and everyone needs to know their part and be in sync. Dr. Henry shares, “It is a medical partnership that in my opinion, within five years will become the fabric of our country’s health care system once it is truly understood.  For me, that begins with patients being 100% clear on the new legislation and all the other medical components being 100% transparent with the patient’s wellness being at the heart of the matter and not the profit or bottom line. We all learned about the Declaration of Independence in school growing up; it was what our country was founded on. It provided us with great foresight into the future and our governing system which remains the best example of “for the people and by the people.”  Today we have a chance as a country to make sure as many citizens as possible have health insurance.

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