“Nia and the Numbers Game is an entertaining, sensitive and factual guide for teen girls who are facing decisions about education and sex.”Haywood Smith, New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author

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selfpublishing  I wrote Nia & the Numbers Game as a tool to bring parents and their daughters together.  Now is the time for a book of this nature.  I want to get this into your hands so the young ladies in your life, in your family, church, and community can benefit from all the great information. I believe that after reading this book, teenage girls in your sphere of influence will have a game plan for getting into college and will understand some hard truths about the consequences of sexual activity. As a parent, you will learn some strategies for how to have “the talk” with your daughter, your granddaughter or your niece. Here to help you with understanding the teenage girls in your life. 

Dr. Kela

About the Book: NIA & THE NUMBERS GAME – A Teenager’s Guide to Education, Relationships & Sex:  The book is aimed at teenage girls and their parents, serving as a guide to understanding puberty and all the changes, mental and physical, which will occur during the teen years and beyond. Written by Dr. Kela Henry, an Atlanta physician known for her work in the African-American community, it is designed to serve as a user-friendly guide for the adolescent girl.

The plot is centered on Nia as she undergoes such rites of passage as her first crush, her first date, and her first love. In addition to practical information about such sensitive topics as the onset of puberty, pregnancy prevention, and STDs, the book contains positive inspiration as it guides girls, especially those from lower-economic families, through the often daunting processes of maintaining self-esteem, navigating romantic relationships, and applying for colleges. Overall, the book’s tone is encouraging and optimistic as well as informative. The main character, Nia, is every girl facing the challenges of today with ambition and pride.

More About the Book: NIA & THE NUMBERS GAME is the book Dr. Henry wishes had existed when she was a teenager. The character of Nia is a combination of real and imaginary people with some of Dr. Henry’s personal journey interspersed throughout the book. The situations Nia encounters were inspired by the girls and mothers Dr. Henry has spoken with, both through presentations and one-on-one time, at such organizations as Atlanta Glow, A Kids Dream, Inc. and Friendship Baptist Church. The book begins when Nia is thirteen years old and follows her through to young adulthood, her acceptance to medical school, and marriage. By identifying with Nia, Dr. Henry hopes that the reader will be inspired to fulfill their own dreams and to realize that knowledge is the key to doing so.

Each chapter ends with practical advice and/or information on topics such as how to ask your parents about sex, how to seek out health care clinics, and how to cultivate good study, hygiene, nutrition, and mental health habits.