BTH Creations LLC: A new publishing imprint formed by Dr. Kela Henry out of Atlanta, GA. The goal is to inspire and motivate teenage girls to own their education and to find the resources they need to have the life they dream of living, no matter what their circumstances. #1 Book Release: NIA & THE NUMBERS GAME

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Why I started BTH Creations LLC: Books are important because I believe reading, unlike watching TV, actively engages the mind.   A well-written book can inform, inspire, intrigue, or excite the reader. The pages of a well-written story can transport you to foreign or fantasy lands, tickle you to the point of a good belly laugh, and educate you about various subjects.  There is just so much useful information to be found in books, and reading is good brain exercise!

I started my own publishing company because I wanted creative freedom. It is important to me to release Nia & the Numbers Game according to my vision. Although I was quite flattered to have received interest from a New York agency who represented a respected publishing house, they suggested the focus should be only on the early teenage years of my title character and to consider splitting the book into two parts.  However, I felt it was important to show the full spectrum of Nia’s life— as I’ve written it—from early adolescence through her young adulthood and marriage.  I want the target audience to see what’s possible.  I felt Nia’s story would have been incomplete had it stopped at high school.  For the adults who will vet my work before allowing their daughters and students to read it, I hope they will recognize themselves in some of the scenarios and visualize a bright future for the young ladies they guide.

BTH Creations LLC is proud to announce their debut book release NIA & THE NUMBERS GAMEA Teenager’s Guide to Education, Relationships & Sex. The book is aimed at teenage girls and their parents, and it chronicles the adventures of its engaging African-American heroine Nia Ferguson through puberty and beyond. Written by Dr. Kela Henry, an Atlanta family physician, the book is designed as a user-friendly guide for the adolescent girl, to help her learn about the changes occurring in her body as well as how to navigate social rites of passage. The writing is sensitive with realistic dialogue. Embracing diversity, the character of Nia is an inspiring heroine with whom girls of many different backgrounds will identify.

Nia & the Numbers Game is a unique combination of fact and fiction. Written with the rich detail of a novel, the story follows Nia’s progress from a girl in middle school to high school, to college and then to medical school  — and finally starting her work as a young doctor.

  • Author: Dr. Kela Henry
  • Genre: Teen/Young Adult; Non Fiction, Education, Health, Sex
  • Sub-Genre: Family, Friends, Parenting, Self-Help
  • Book format: Paperback (6 x 9); Hard Cover; E-book
  • Language: English
  • Word Count: 63,653
  • Number of Pages: 204
  • Geared towards teenage girls age 13-17: African American, Latina, Asian

 The main characters are:

Nia, a “typical” girl of African-American ethnicity and middle class background

Nia’s Mother and Father, Sabrina and Paul Ferguson, Sr., supportive parents who help guide Nia’s decisions

PJ, Nia’s adorable yet conniving little brother

Patrice, Nia’s attractive, sexually active and impulsive best friend

April, Nia’s other best friend, an aspiring athlete

Marcus, Patrice’s manipulative, dishonest boyfriend

Brandon, Nia’s likeable if “goofy” high school boyfriend

Tamara, her warm and friendly college roommate

Cory, Nia’s caring, ambitious boyfriend in medical school

“Nia and the Numbers Game is an entertaining, sensitive and factual guide for teen girls who are facing decisions about education and sex.”– Haywood Smith, New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author

In Chapter One when the reader is introduced to Nia, she is going through the challenge of her parents’ divorce. She is also dealing with the onset of her first menstrual period. Chapter Two explores Nia’s developing crush on Brandon, a boy in her class, while Chapter Three shows Nia and Brandon engaging in a physical encounter which gets her into trouble with her parents. In the following chapters time passes and Nia’s best friend, Patrice, faces the outcome of having unprotected sex. Nia must decide whether or not to have sex with Brandon. The middle chapters of Nia & the Numbers Game shift from Nia’s burgeoning sexuality to her pursuit of an education and the importance of good grades as she applies to colleges. In Chapter Seven Nia enters Spelman College and meets a new circle of friends, including Samantha, who turns out to be HIV-positive. Nia finds herself choosing to forego having a boyfriend in order to concentrate on her goal of becoming a doctor. It is only when she meets Cory in medical school that she is mature enough to embark on a serious relationship. Ultimately, Nia and Cory both become doctors and get married. The last chapter depicts Nia as a fulfilled young woman, with a husband, a baby, and a career.

Eleven of the thirteen chapters end with a Let’s Talk section encouraging young readers to discuss the subject matter with an adult they trust and offering ways to learn more about such important topics as STD prevention, birth control, and applying for scholarships. Throughout the book there are tables and graphs, true and false questions and worksheets that make it easy for young readers to engage with the subject matter in direct and meaningful ways.

Nia & the Numbers Game is comparable to several influential titles targeting teen girls. To give a sense of the potential impact of Nia & the Numbers Game, it can be compared to Judy Blume’s enduring classic Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret. (To date the novels of Judy Blume have proven their popularity, having sold over 82 million copies and been translated into 31 languages.) Nia & the Numbers Game reflects the voice of black adolescence similar to I Am That Girl: How to Speak Your Truth, Discover Your Purpose, and #bethatgirl by motivational author/speaker Alexis Jones.  Like its nonfiction counterpart The Care and Keeping of You by Valerie R. Schaefer and Dr. Cara Natterson, which to date has a sales figure of over 196,000 copies, Dr. Henry’s Nia & the Numbers Game relays topical and realistic information while uniquely incorporating heartwarming fictional elements.

Dr. Kela Henry specializes in family medicine and runs a successful practice in the metro Atlanta area which is a part of the Emory Medical Healthcare system. She graduated from the Medical College of Pennsylvania-Hahnemann School of Medicine now Drexel) in 1999 before completing her residency program at Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. The situations Nia encounters are inspired by real girls and their mothers whom Dr. Henry has spoken with at such organizations as Atlanta Glow, Diamond in the Rough, A Kids Dream, Inc. and Friendship Baptist Church. By identifying with Nia, Dr. Henry hopes that the reader will be inspired to live her own best life and learn how to use practical tactics to fulfill her dreams.

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