Welcome to Dr.Kela Henry’s Website!

moved 3Please note my new office address! 

3276 Buford Drive, Suite 100, Buford, GA  30519

Dr. Kela Henry’s debut book slated to release in the summer of 2018! 




DR. KELA HENRY: Health Advocate, Speaker & Author


Dr. Kela Henry aka Dr. Kela is a family practitioner in the Atlanta, Georgia area. She runs a successful medical practice, in association with the Emory Healthcare Network. She puts your family’s health and well being first. Over the past few years, she has quickly become the go to person for many of the non-profit organizations in the metro Atlanta area, supporting the well being of teenage girls. Serving the under served, she speaks to the teens about education and sex, creating a safe and empowering environment.


#Teenage Girl? Stay right here. Put some popcorn in the microwave, and watch our video about YOUR education, YOUR future and ways to make YOUR life YOUR responsibility!

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Dr. Henry is making a significant difference in the lives of teenage girls in the Atlanta metro area and beyond. Her candid and open discussions about STD’s around intimacy and self-esteem issues facing young girls today are being lauded by the organizations collaborating with her to facilitate her programs. Her direct approach to education and career decisions are bringing core facts and knowledge to groups of girls that are searching for answers. Dr. Henry is committed to the development of teenage girls and their ability to achieve what is possible and in reach. She believes in giving back to organizations which focus on the education and empowerment of this demographic.  She enjoys teaching girls about navigating the post secondary education process and health issues like obesity and depression. These are all concerns faced by the young ladies of today, who all have the potential to become our women leaders of tomorrow.  Dr. Henry believes that when girls have access to useful information and positive role models, they can accomplish anything.

2 Replies to “Welcome to Dr.Kela Henry’s Website!”

  1. Such great work you are doing and sharing your skills and positive energy with the younger folks who need mentors like you! A person who cares and gives back to the community!!! Go DR. KELA!!! I am impressed with the new website too!

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