Kela Henry, MD, author of NIA & THE NUMBERS GAME, A Teenager’s Guide to Education, Relationships & Sex

Dr. Kela Henry is a family practitioner in the Atlanta, Georgia area. She runs a successful medical practice, in association with the Emory Healthcare Network.

My Mission: To Educate and Empower Teenage Girls to Make Wise and Informed Decisions That Will Alter and Ultimately Make an Important Difference in Their Futures. Each Girl is Responsible for Their Own Lives. To Encourage Accountability Is a Way to Help Develop Courage and the Desire to Learn. 

NIA & THE NUMBERS GAME: Available September 18, 2018


The Guide to Navigating Sex & Education Every Teenager Needs Is Here

Nia and the Numbers Game is an entertaining, sensitive and factual guide for teen girls who are facing decisions about education and sex.”– Haywood Smith, New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author

Growing up is a confusing, and often lonely experience, and it doesn’t help when it’s nearly impossible to find answers to all our questions. Shining a much-needed light into this darkness is Nia (Swahili for purpose), whose journey to adulthood is wrought with all the struggles of adolescence. Nia’s troubles with her divorced and rule-oriented parents, entering puberty, her relationships with both friends and boyfriends, and her academic ambitions are a lens through which readers can understand their own personal development.

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Nia and the Numbers Game: A Teenager’s Guide to Education, Relationships, and Sex is unlike any other coming-of-age story or guide to growing up. Real experiences shape the snapshots into Nia’s life, which act as catalysts for frank discussions about important topics like STDs, pregnancy, and trust. Author Dr. Kela Henry follows most of the chapters with a “Let’s Talk” section, during which her professional and reassuring voice explains the full context of complex situations and provides facts, medical information, and advice. “I want the audience to know that I am there for them,” writes Dr. Henry, and she does this masterfully. Whether seeking guidance on strict parents, relationships, or furthering education, young people will find this book a comforting friend to which they can turn for information, counsel, and validation.

Dr. Kela Henry is a family practitioner and has been practicing medicine since 2003. Her wealth of knowledge and experience working with patients informs this rich and illustrative debut work. The perfect blend of entertainment and education provides readers with a compelling narrative to enjoy while they learn from Dr. Henry’s expertise.

Nia and the Numbers Game is a book teenagers will keep on their shelves as they move through life, passing it on between generations as a helpful and timeless companion.

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